Camper Trailer Case Study

The Client

Recognized nationally as Australia’s largest established camper trailer manufacturer, MDC – Market Direct Campers is a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

The Challenge

MDC’s major objective was to source and supply the market with a high quality 100% Australian manufactured trailer. Setting an industry benchmark, Metlink were approached to fi nd a solution in creating the new “Aussie Nomad” camper trailer – capable of taking on this country’s rugged terrain.

In partnership with MDC, Metlink, using its innovative design and state-of-the art processing technologies, successfully re-engineered major structural components on the camper trailer across not only for the performing parts of the body and suspension, but also esthetically, creating further practical and bespoke enhancements to ensure some of those creature comforts went outback!

The Solution

Using 3D drafting packages, Metlink created a virtual 3D model to maximise every inch of space. Using a perfect blend of skilled craftsmen, high-tech robotic equipment and laser cutting technology, key features such as the stainless steel kitchen and front aluminium storage box were achieved guarantying a high quality fi nish. The Aussie Nomad camper trailer panels were machined using an LVD Pick Sort CNC Turret punch; this fully automated machine is ideally suited to the high speed, high quality processing and remains the most efficient manufacturing process for this type of panel fabrication in Australia.

The high degree of accuracy required on the campers complex panel folding was achieved using easy-form laser measure systems and Metlinks CNC hydraulic brake press machines. Control panels equipped with powerful virtual 3D forming simulations ensured the optimum folding sequence simulations were achieved.



The Outcome

Fully galvanized inside and out, the trailers chassis is manufactured using Supergal G450 high tensile material. The all-new chassis created by Metlink, supports a heavy-duty suspension and braking system and with its’ unique rear mounted wheel carrier, the Aussie Nomad holds two spare ‘Cooper’ tyres giving extra reassurance when out on the open road or off the beaten track.

The full trailer panel kits were welded to the chassis to suit the rugged Australian conditions. Uniquely designed hidden hinges were spot-welded onto the panels giving a high-quality unblemished finish and allowed recessed panels to be designed, further achieving the best dust-proof sealing system on the market today.

The Result

Working directly from Metlinks 3D design model, Australian design engineers tested and certified the Aussie Nomad to Australian standards up to 1.9 Tonne Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Its lightweight construction assists with the weight distribution allowances throughout the trailer; additional storage space was also cleverly located throughout with LED light sensors to help find belongings in low-light conditions.

Brimming with extra facilities the stainless steel kitchen is supported by double water tanks mounted under the rigid chassis. And, to ensure some luxury on the road, the Aussie Nomad trailer boasts a Fusion TV unit, external media system, a hidden Thetford Porta-Potti and a handy gas bbq built into the exterior of the trailer. A truly all Australian designed, manufactured and distributed camper trailer.