Sluggish erection... Insufficient excitement of the member becomes a serious obstacle to having full sexual intercourse and obtaining satisfaction. Unfortunately, more and more men of different ages face this problem. Whereas earlier the erection weakening was mainly complained about by elderly representatives of the stronger sex, nowadays such a disorder is often diagnosed in young people as well.

Decrease in the quality of sex due to poor penis standing has a negative impact not only on personal relationships, but also on other areas of men's lives.

Due to the weakening of sexual power there is a deterioration of emotional and physical condition, the development of complexes and various mental disorders. How to strengthen your erection and gain the ability to resume an active, full sexual life?

Ways of correction
To restore erectile function, the cause of the disturbance must be eliminated.

The problem may be caused by organic or external factors that are set after the diagnosis. The method of correction of sexual disorder is selected individually for each patient, depending on what caused the erection loss. In the presence of diseases and pathological conditions, men are recommended to undergo appropriate treatment aimed at eliminating the underlying cause. When there are mental disorders affecting sexual functions, a psychotherapist will be required to assist and take medication to normalize the emotional state.

If no pathological abnormalities in the state of health are detected, it is worthwhile for members of the stronger sex who suffer from poor erections to think about changing their lifestyle. Quite often the decrease in potency is caused by poor nutrition, weak motor activity, irregularity of sexual relations, dependence on bad habits, physical or mental fatigue, stress. In such situations will help to cope with the problem: Nutrition correction is one way to improve erection.

diet correction;

sports activities;

daytime observance;

good rest;

maintaining sexual activity;

avoidance of nervous tension;

quitting smoking and alcohol.

Every man should know how to increase erection at home and improve the quality of sex. A good effect is to perform special exercises to strengthen the potency. It is about developed gymnastics for training small pelvic and perineal muscles.

In addition to the described natural methods of correction of erectile disorder, an erection can be restored by means of folk remedies. Reception of broths based on medicinal plants such as ginseng, thyme, nettle, helps to normalize sexual functions, improve blood circulation, stimulate testosterone production, strengthen immunity and the body as a whole.

Fast results can be achieved by using effective drugs that increase potency and enhance erection. Popular tablets Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra pills and their analogues stimulate blood flow to the penis, contribute to its filling and the onset of persistent prolonged agitation. Available generics of these medicines are available in our online store Shop-Viagra. They are widely used to combat the symptoms of impotence. It is recommended to take the drugs both for minor erectile disorders and for severe sexual impotence.